How does the use of a validity date affect the graphical display of repository objects?

Prerequisite: WebJobScheduler set up to automatically change status to Valid when the validity start date is reached.

This service allows the author of versionable elements to provide multiple released versions, but only one of them with the status "Valid" once the validity start date has been reached. 


If a role has a released version 2.0 and a Valid version 1.0, the following behavior is expected:

  • In the graphical layout of a sub process, the display name of the role corresponds to the Valid version in Editor and Viewer mode.



  • In the detail content of the task in Viewer mode, the Valid version of the role (1.0) is displayed.



  • The new version of the role (2.0) is already displayed in the Detail Content of the task in Editor mode. 

As soon as the 2.0 version of the role reaches the "Released and Valid" status, the new version is displayed in the graphic.


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