Why is a different version of the repository object displayed in the process graphic than in the Detail Content?

According to current symbio logic, it is possible that a different version of a linked object is displayed in the Process graphic than in the Detail Content, e.g. an assigned document in the Detailed view in V2.0 and in the Detail Content in V2.1. 

The background is as follows:

1. In the graphic, objects are displayed in the form in which the viewer would see them (after process release), in this example V2.0.

2. In Detail Content the current processing status of the object is displayed, i.e. V2.1.


If there are further differences here, i.e. that the object V3.0, which has been released in the meantime, is still not displayed in the graphic, this could be due to the fact that a validity date has been set for this object, which has not yet been reached. Please refer to: How does the use of a validity date affect the graphical display of reqpository objects?



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