How are process steps copied or moved?

Individual process steps or sections of a process can be copied or moved within the same process or to another process.

Copying of process models is not available as a functionality.

Best Practice: Copying content from one process into a new process

Procedure in the source process:

  1.  Switch graphic view to "Vertical"
  2. Activate "multi-selection"
  3. Select process elements to be copied (process steps, gateways, events, conditions). You must not mark any edges, they will be copied automatically.
  4. Select "Copy to..."

    Please note: The copying of process references is not supported.
  5. After selecting the elements, a dialog appears in which the diagram can be selected where the copied elements shall be inserted

Requirements for inserting into another diagram:

  • the target process must have the status "in process"
  • the target process must methodically allow the elements to be inserted, i.e. it is not possible to insert start elements from a sub process into a main process
  • the maintained author of the target process must be the same as the currently logged in user or there must be architect rights. Otherwise the target process may not be changed by another author by copying and pasting content.


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