What does the message "Recommended diagram size exceeded" mean?

If you receive this message, it means that the process or diagram you are viewing is exceeding the recommended size (default: 1.250 shapes).

This value refers to the underlying diagram (detailed view) and not necessarily to your current view (example: you are looking at the Swimlane view where corona objects are not displayed).

The message is generally an indication of the following:

  • The process/diagram is relatively complex and should be optimized
  • The performance when working with this diagram (modeling, access, graphical editor, display, etc.) can be impaired.

NOTE for admins:

Adjustments via Web.config are still possible if you uncomment and adjust these lines if needed:
<!-- Threshold value for number of shapes in processes to show warning (UI and log) (DEFAULT VALUE: 1000) -->
<!-- <add key="Symbio.General.NumberOfShapesWarningThreshold" value="1000" /> -->
<!-- Warning range for number of shapes in processes (DEFAULT VALUE: 250) -->
<!-- <add key="Symbio.General.NumberOfShapesWarningRange" value="250" /> -->


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