Why is the process graphic in the Main Content not automatically updated when subordinate processes are added or moved?

When working with Symbio, it may happen that further subordinate processes are created or processes are moved below an already released Main Process.

The graphic of a released Main Process is not automatically changed by creating new processes or moving processes.



Function "Add symbols of child elements"

If it is desired that the newly created processes are also visible in the released process graphic, a user with the role "Architect" can use the function "Add symbols of child elements". This can be accessed via the version dialog:



After applying this function the new elements can be seen in the diagram and are available for editing in a possibly existing process graphic.


Subsequent moving of Sub processes

If subordinate processes are moved to another area after a Main Process has been released, the content of the originally released process is not changed.

Only the characteristic symbol of the moved process changes, which makes it clear that this process is no longer directly subordinate, but indirectly still part of the process.


If this is not desired, a new version of the Main Process must be created and then revised.


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